Day 27: Dedication Null

Today I woke up early to help Chester move his pc parts to my house so we could build it. It was great waking up early for a change, having breakfast for the first time in weeks, having a bit of sunshine and getting a bit of reading done. That however ended my serene morning.

I got into the car. I called Chester. He had just woke up. He said it was tommorow. Luckily my mom didn’t make it to the bridge or else that would have been a huge waste of time.

Spent the day playing League of Legends, watching Joel (who came over) play League of Legends and reading about League of legends. I have a pretty uninteresting life sometimes don’t I?


Day 26: Wrapping up

After my last post I spent most of the day playing League of legends, and losing, tons. O well, you win some you lose some.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at nine and go all the way to Taipa to help my friend Chester to bring the parts back to my house to build his pc. Don’t know how dedication day is going to fit into this but o well!

Dedication Day 1: Shuffling

A quick history of shuffling

Shuffling is an electronic dance that is characterized by running man and t-step. It is usually done to music with a solid beat in the background (trance and hardstyle) which means it can’t be done to normal pop or dubstep. Although its exact origins are unknown, many people believe it started in the underground acid era in Melbourne, hence Melbourne shuffle.

A quick personal history of shuffling

It’s been awhile since I started shuffling. I started in the summer, two years ago and my passion for it reached a climax about a year in, then started to fizzle out. Shuffling used to be really big with its glory year being around 2007, so I missed that boat. I learned shuffling because i liked the music, wanted to learn how the dance and not look so useless at parties.

What Happened today and thoughts

I started at 3 and ended at 4:30. My orignal idea was to dance the entire day, but lunch and personal stamina prevented it. There was only so much dancing I could do before I got tired/bored. I did some good shuffling in though, between constant hard-breathing and breaks. I really like dancing to the song Metropolis by David Guetta:

It felt better to just close my eyes and just let myself do the rest, rather than scrutinize all my dance moves. All in all a pretty good dedication day.

Day 26: The beginning of dedication week.

Today i’m suppose to dance the entire day. It’s 3 and i’m on the computer. Whoops.

First thing we did this morning was eat at a buffet at Grand Lapa to put my moms membership to some use. They had a meager selection of food, but a unique thing they did was everyone got to order a main course. I choose beef madillion which was very chewy, not too good :S. My mom plans to stay at Grand Lapa soon, which my aunts call a home-cation.

We then finally got to visit the amp store. It was an audiophiles dream, full of high end speaker systems that I wish I could own. We toke a look around and found a cheap 2600 MOP one, but  my dads gonna compare prices in Hong Kong. Gonna try to get my dedication day stared, wish me luck.

Day 25: Random Thoughts

Was watching olympics after dinner and I just noticed that Micheal Phelps got 4th 0_0. Also a 16 year old chinese girl won freestyle and set a world recored (chinese pride :D!).

Next week is gonna be dedication week. Everyday im going to focus on one thing, and one thing only in attempt to make progress in said thing. Tommorow I shall focus on dance and try to improve and possibly film. If you want to see me from before you can go to my youtube:

I wonder if I can really do all I planned? Things have a tendency of getting in the way. At least swimming is ended, that way I don’t have any planned interuptions. My friend Chester wants to build his pc, having bought parts in Hong Kong so I guess I’ll have to fit that in. I really shouldn’t plan so cramped.

I also played a really good game of League of Legends. Joel and I played ranked. Heres a screenshot of my score, i’m so happy :D!

chogath score

Day 25:5²

Church. An important, but often uneventful event. Nothing of note her except our Sunday school had a new record of attendance of 8 (we are pretty small) and one of the girls that hasn’t been present for many weeks came to visit (she moved to another church).

The afternoon was spent an area of Macau known as Sun Ma Lao which translates into “The New Road.” Nearby are some historical sites such as The Ruins of St. Paul, a church that burnt down and only its stone facade remained, and the Guia Fortress which was built by the Portuguese to hold of the Dutch (if my history is up to scratch).

After lunch we went on a quick shopping spree. My brother got (don’t hold your breath) a pair of echo leather shoes + a bag, a Nike sports bag and Adidas shoes. Me on the other hand walked out of there empty-handed.

I try to be moderately inactive on Sundays. I’m writing this after performing my new favorite activity: napping. Hopefully the week ahead will be more exciting. I’ve got a lot planned, but its going to take a lot fo will power to get it done. Wish me luck!

Day 24: Community Day

Today started exactly how it did last Saturday. I woke up and it was 12 already. Guess i missed the last swimming class. Really glad its over, it gives my weeks more flexability, but I will have to find other forms of excercise now.

I then went to the last community class. For some reason today it clicked to me how important it was to learn how to interact with children better. It felt good to help give a little back and know that I was helping someone, who otherwise would be alone with seven hyper-active children to herself.

The final communtiy event was the barbeque. My friends Zherlain and Joel decided to come as well. I brought my camera, like I said I would :P. It was fairly uneventful. Zherlain and joel left early, I didn’t each much and i played around with my camera. A certian someone made it more interesting though :)..

Tommorow we have church, then afterwards lunch buffet at Grand Lapa. Then we are going to try to buy a lamp and an amp for our home theatre.

Day 23: Plans for tommorow

Tommorow my brother and I have to go through the last day of swimming. There testing us for an hour straight. Yay.

I won’t have much time for the rest of the day. I have to do the last of my child volunteer classes then i have to attend a Church BBQ. Hopefully that will be fun! I will bring my camera just in case anything interesting shows up.

Day 23: The Quest for a lamp

Late afternoon my mother and I went out to look for a lamp. But first, we had to run an errand. My mother had signed up for a membership (again) for a hotel near our church called Grand Lapu. On the way there the devastation that the typhoon brought was quite apparent. I really should have brought my camera. I read a tip that said bring my camera everywhere, now I just have to follow it.

After acquiring the membership card, we drove home and got stuck in heavy, heavy traffic. Instead of moaning about the lost time I was productive, fixing our music player to display the time and bonding with my mom. She told me stories about her early days and the states, one of which stood out in particular.

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