My First day of Summer at the Palace of Asia

I spent my first of Summer with my cousins that were visiting from the States in the Galaxy resort.

The first thing we did was eat at a buffet called “Festiva.” Festiva was one of the best, if not the best buffet I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating in. It had a lush open space, filed to the brim with exotic food. They a wide range of food ranging from Indian Butter Chicken to Japanese Soy sauce soaked bean curd. I particularly enjoyed the premium Italian pastas as well as the good service. To find out more see:

Next me and my cousins went for a swim in the indoor pool (not the best idea after a meal) in the sister resort Banyan Tree. It had a really nice heated section with cascading water. For an idea for how it looks like see:

The fun did not stop there however, as we went across the streets to go to the indoor playground aptly named: The Qube.

The entire group finished off the day with dinner at a friends.

That ends today’s blog. Hopefully i will be able to blog more and with more quality in the feature. (its midnight here, and I’ve already written this article before losing it.)

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