The Rest of Day 2

I am starting to feel a bit directionless, as if I’m a great churning train that has run out of steam, before even leaving the station. Thankfully, Lifehacker was there to bail me out with this:

After the burst of productivity in the morning, we went to my Grandmothers house for lunch. After stuffing myself silly (again) me and my uncle finally went to get my hair butchered.

We then joined my other uncle, my grandfather and my dad for some Coffee at a place called “Cafe Honolulu” which is famous for making coffee out of a special animals droppings. I had a lovley foamed milk tea which translates to “Gay Tea.” While there we argued were i should go to college (Boston or Cali) and wheter to get an amp for our aging bose speakers or to buy a new speaker set entirely.

After failing to find any amps (it appears they have fallen out of popularity) I returned to my house to spend more time with my cousins and to practice for my Grandma’s 50th! anniversary. We are going to sing a song called “The Moon Represents my Heart”. You can listen to it here : . As the eldest son on my grandfather’s side, I was elected to MC for this important event. Wish me luck on that :P.

I spent the rest of my evening eating dinner, reading Pulse articles on my cousins Kindle Fire (i want one so bad right now), playing league of legends with my brother and friends and working on a video for tommorows celebration.


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