Day 3: The Final Family Excursion

I woke up with a sneeze, my body aching from yesterdays exercise. I thought to myself “It’s going to be a looonnngg day.”

This was the last day that both of my cousin’s family would be in Macau so it would be the last time in a few years that i would be able to see them. I kinda feel guilty for writing this, using precious time on the blog, but i guess that’s dedication. On a side note, i HATE my new hair.

I spent the morning having breakfast with the family. Afterwards our living became like a headquarters as the adults made plans for tonight’s banquet. I was charged with making a video (as the most tech savvy there) as well as buying them a new house phone.

After making quick work of the video, my uncle and I strode off to get my grandparents  a new house phone in an effort to modernize their aging household (they still had phones with antenna sticking out!). While we were out we also purchased my first shaver! I neglected to take photos of my grandparents phone, but I’ll post some of my shaver soon.

Lunch at my grandmother’s followed soon afterwards. Then, we went to a store named BSX to shop. The shop used the maxim of a late Cuban revolutionist: Victory or nothing. Ring any bells?

From now onward ill try to take my camera wherever I go so you can see through my eyes as my summer goes past. I’ll be also making more videos, playing more games and reading more as time allows. Update on my rest of the day later 😉


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