The closing of Day 3 & plans for tommorow

Before heading out for the banquet, I shaved for the very first time! It went without hassle, besides the minute amount of bleeding.

We then arrived at the banquet, 4 hours early. As the oldest child on my father’s side i was elected to give a small speech as well lead a choir of cousins singing “The moon represents me heart” in Chinese. The banquet was held in a grand hall of a restaurant  that I’ve eaten in many times before.

Right now I’m re-watching Harry Potter: The Philosophers Stone on a local television network. They are playing Wizard Chess at the moment. Tommorow I’m going to have breakfast with my cousins for the last time before they leave :(. Its been a good several weeks with them. Tommorow I’m going to launch a holy crusade across my face, a purging of pimples and the cleansing of my face-scape. In other words, i’m going for face treatment. That is all, goodnight.


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