Day 4…It’s getting hard

Today is the last day my cousins are in Macau. It was a really sad to watch them walk into the ferry terminal :(. I only get to see them once every few years, and they will all be so much bigger when I next meet them. Even though they’ve been eating up most of my first few days of summers, I don’t regret spending time with them :).

My first face treatment I ever got was quite a painful experience. My face felt like the back of Caesar, stabbed mercilessly and without pity. The lady treating me toke some metal scallops and pinched my face to get rid of the pimples and “black heads”. She said it was especially painful because they were deeply rooted and my face and haven’t been practising “proper facial hygiene.” If proper facial hygiene hurts this much, then I’d rather be dirty.

We had lunch at a sandwich dinner called “Angela’s Kitchen” in my city’s only major mall” New Yahon. You get to make your own sandwich from the ground up! I made a buttered, closed face, giant crossing with grilled chicken, 2 types of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with barbeques Lays on the side. A delightful afternoon tea 🙂

I’m in a bit of a summer mid-life crisis. I feel a bit confused and tired and have lost a bit of my beginning energy and enthusiasm. Having to spend almost all my time on family has been draining, and hearing all that I’ve missed with my friends really isn’t helping my mood. Maybe I’m just having one of those rumored mood swings.

After getting home, I finally got to get some gaming time in, after being preoccupied with family all day. I played a game mode called All-Random-All-Mid in League of legends as this guy


Then I played Tribes Ascend, a free-to-play fps on steam. You can get it here:

At dinner my mom gave me a talk about the importance of learning chinese before i left for college. She also helped me with the emotional turmoil that I’ve been going through lately. Thanks mom 🙂 ❤

Plans for tomorrow: I’m going to have lunch with my good friend Joel, because he is leaving for the Philipines soon for 2 weeks (or possibly 2 months T.T). Then im going to make a video with my friend Miguel for a community project at school. We might win an Ipad.


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