I’m a VAMPIRE HUNTER! End of day 5.

Things don’t always go as planned, so just go with the floooow :D.

Today at noon, my good friend Miguel told me that he was still working on the script and we should film tomorrow. I felt so lost, having no plans for the rest of the day.That was when my good friend Joel called, saying he was coming over :).

We spent the good rest of the day together, playing games at my house and watching Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, which was an INCRIEDABLE movie with lots of actions, themes and plot twists which i won’t ruin here. 9/10 :D.

Tomorrow is the day Joel leaves with his family to the Philippines for two weeks. I wish him a safe journey (if he ever does go on it, i plan to pop the plane tires so he can’t leave :P). I have to start my swimming classes tomorrow, going every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s good exercise and I need the practice, seeing that my cousins swim faster than me and I have the lungs of a smoker. Afterwards im going to film with Miguel, and hopefully make progress with our videos.

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to all of you.


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