HUEhueHUe, the end of day 6.

My friend said the last post I made about the Steam Sales was a first world problem. Perhaps it is.

After my friend arrived we used an app called “Paper” on his ipad to plan our vid. Using the ipad was a bad idea, as we got distracted by Flipboard and Pulse. I think im going to lose a lot of time to my Ipad, if I win one.

After that we went to a sushi place where you can get one piece of sushi for 3 dollars local curreny which converts to 0.375 USD or 25 pence. A little bit crappy, but completely ediable.

My afternoon was pretty uneventful, which makes me feel horribly unproductive. The only thing i accomplised was grinding in League of Legends for this guy:


He’s kind of the joker of the League of Legends world. He kills people with trickery and laughs. He’s a maniac XD

Tommorw I’m going to film for our project and get the swimming clothes that prevented me from going swimming today. Good morning, afternoon or evening to you all 🙂 -William


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