Benchmark Day: Day 7

Today is a day of benchmarks. I’ve been blogging everyday, for a week now (hooray!) and have just reached 5 followers (double hooray!). Thank you to everyone thats been reading and liking :)!

I woke up 10 this morning to get to Taipa early (another island in my city) to shoot with Miguel. It got rescheduled…again, and now I have a few hours on my hands :). I finally bought my swimming wear, which means I will have to go to class tomorrow T.T. I’m required to wear speedos, goggles and a swimming cap so I look fairly ridiculous.

Today I’m going to try to get a fresh start on my reading and exercise. I’ve been trying to do something called “Dont Break The Chain” in which you do a certain task everyday, and tick it off on a calender. If you don’t you don’t tick that day, and thus break the chain. I started In early june and as off right now…I have about ten ticks. I can be horrible at these things sometimes. I’m off to game for a while, update you guys soon 😀

– William

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