Mom can I have a dog? No. End of Day 7.

Shortly after posting my team fortress 2 story, I went to Taipa to meet my friend Miguel to film for our project. My only regret was I didn’t bring my camera to show the making off, but o well. We went all over an old part/less industrialized part of Taipa aptly named “Old Taipa.” There we filmed scenes for our video project, impersonated tourist to get free samples and fooled around.

On my way home from the shoot, my friend sent me a text. “DO YOU WANT A DOG?.” apparently a man bought a dog for 3000 mop and was offering it for 500 mop because his wife disliked and it made his child cry. He included food as well. Hers a pic:

A four-month old girl puppy. Unwanted on its first day. I really hope it finds a good home :(. As I rode the bus home, images of me walking it, taking care of it, cuddling with it made me want to give a good home so badly. I burst through our front door and popped the question on my mom instantly. “No.”

It was worth a shot. Honestly I was hoping to much, seeing how my mom won’t even let me have a Guinea Pig. I’m going to take a shower now and then watch a documentry called “Living with Fire” which talks about how a forest ecosystem recovers from a volcanic eruption. Then, I shall join my good friend Pancake Boobs, yes, Pancake Boobs to play the killing floor summer update (more on that later).

Thanks for reading!

– William


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