End of day 8 (八)

I’m writing this on my netbook, on the verge of falling asleep. I must make it a habit of blogging earlier were I am in a better state. Nonetheless, here it is. Better late then never.

After playing Killing Floor with Pancake boobs, I went off to Taipa to film with Miguel today. We had tons of fun today, getting a lot of scenes filmed. Our day was full of mishaps, which I named the Troubles of an amateur film crew. Wanting to film a scene of me getting of the bus, Miguel positioned himself to get a clear shot of me getting off from within the bus. However due to miscommunication, i failed to move at all and we both rushed to get off at our stop. Next we needed to plan how to get scenes of a bustling community. We settled on a nearby park were we spent the next hour walking next to old people, me pretending to feed Karp and me getting stares for holding an orange (integral to our project). Afterwards we used a nearby building to simulate me going home. First the scene with me going in. Miguel got in the lift first, and I was to press open as it was about to close. Suffice to say, I failed again, and Miguel ended up going up 5 floors. We encountered a similar problem when we needed a scene of me getting out of the elevator. The lift got called down twice which caused me to desperately try to punch the closet floors button and walk the stairs to get back to him.

We also had a scene on the roof where I took lots of photos and videos. There was too many to sort through so I shall post them tomorrow (please don’t be mad :3). We then had a dinner at a nice dinner known as “Brick’s Burger”. I will also include the image of my meal later.

I’m really tired now, and my eyes are shrinking from the strain. (anymore and they will disappear). I’m of to read awhile, then sleep.

P.s  As I’m writing this the steam summer sale has just started. Go quick and get some great games to pass the summer!

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening!

Thanks for reading!

– William


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