The End Of Friday 13th: Day 9

I had a largely uneventful rest of the day. I tried editing the videos I toke yesterday and largely failed. Miguel told me to get dressed, and right as I get out he says his tutor get rescheduled. I ended up staying home playing games. Later we meet up to look at a local hobby shop. He’s looking for a Little Big Planet 2 Move Bundle which is largely unavailable in Macau. We then had dinner at my house, and then filmed some indoor films (continuing from the hard to film lift scene from yesterday). Also got to talk to my good friend in Philipines, who is struggling with a slow and unstable internet.

Tomorrow, I have to face the obstacle of swimming class again, as well as volunteering to help a local church class. I’m going to teach little children how to dance and sing. Then Miguel and I are going to film the final scenes. We have to finish tomorrow, seeing its due Monday, and he’s leaving Tuesday.

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to you all!

Thanks for reading

– William

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