Day 10: Grinding to a close

Volunteer Work

The kid class was largly uneventful. I came in earlier then the woman that asked for my help. We were suppose to teach them a dance, but only three arrived, so instead we did a project were the kids built a castle.

Video Project

Today was the last day of filming and I was grateful because the orange we were using to fil was starting to rot, and i was wearing the exact same clothes for four days straight and I was starting to smell, despite the abnormal amount of deodarant i was using on it. We finished by filming Miguel turning back into a human (he was the orange) at school. To do so, we needed a scene of the orange falling. After a few failed catches, we discovered something. The orange was a GRAPEFRUIT. Guess we don’t know our fruits. Hopefully we can win those Ipads, but even if we didn’t I had a good time filming.

Socializing with the community

On the way home, something very interesting happened. Two tourists asked me for directions. Normally this isn’t too special, but read on. They were trying to get to a restruant named “Fernando’s” but were on the completly on the wrong island. Instead of just telling them they were in the wrong place, I offered to take them to a restruant by my house (which I really felt good about later on). On the way there I learnt more about them. Denese was a Canadian from St.Something island and lived in Hk and traveled thw world. Milean was a Fillipino staying with her family. Then in the lift I had a discussion with a lady about her dog species, which she said was very clean and well behaved. I felt so sociable all of a sudden :P!

Team Fortress 2 Match 

Later that evening I had a team fortress 2 match with my brother’s clan. (On a side note, my brother has been recieving gifts prior to his birthday. He got 50 dollars on steam and in-game points in League of legends. Lucky). We lost pretty badly as always, but it was good fun.

Plans for tommorow

Going to church, and then a day out with family.

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening to you all!

Thanks for reading!

– William


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