Day 12: Manga Day

I woke from an urgent call from Miguel. The dvd wasn’t playing properly. Miguel had spent the last 12 hours and getting no sleep (props to him, he had to work in several hours as well), and to have the dvd not playing properly was quite devastating. Before we could solve the problem over Skype, I had to go to lunch, my cousins had returned.

After lunch having lunch with my cousin’s at my Grandma’s house, my cousins were sent to my house to be entertained. They were picky with the movies and ended up showing them Princess Mononoke.

Shortly after, I rushed to Miguel’s house, then to hand in our project. We had to put it on a usb. The problem was, was that they wouldn’t accept our usb. I had to call a representative of the group, which turned out to be my friends Peter’s mom. Knowing earlier would have saved us a lot of trouble. When I returned I watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and the remaining bits of Princess Mononoke with them.

In between I went with my friend Chester to look at models and computer parts for upcoming projects.

The evening consisted of me eating dinner with my cousin’s at a tennis club’s restaurant and reading some manga.

Sorry for the inconsistencies today in quality, really busy :S

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