Day 13: The day of slight rest

Today was the day my good friend left for the Phillipines for three weeks. Until Joel gets back, I don’t have many people to hang with. He will be missed.

Today was a slow and uneventful day. In the afternoon I:

  • Went swimming which was exhausting. Our coach is really starting to push us.
  • At lunch with my cousins again, getting stuffed in the process as it fell to me to clear the remaining dishes again
  • Helped Chester Plan his pc some more, writing down viable builds. We visited model stores and the computer mall. He’s going to compare prices in Hong Kong. Can’t decide between AMD and Intel.

Then in the evening:

  • Had dinner with my cousins. Stuffed myself silly again, and didn’t stop eating the entire evening (even as i write this)
  • Finally reached level 30 in League of Legends. My plan was for the final match before reaching level 30 would be a Victory. We unded up surrendering :(. First ranked match was a lose, but we suprisngly won the second.

I should really start writing this earlier again, and in mini segments. I promise I’ll blog more tommorow!

Thanks for reading!


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