Day 14: The 2 Week Mark

Last night, I stayed up till four in the morning finishing my first novel of the summer. The name of the book was called “Dawn of War Blood Ravens: The Dawn of War Omnibus” which is based on a game, which in turn is based on a tabletop game known as Warhammer 40K. It was quite a good book, heavily tied in with the story line of the Dawn of War Franchise and I enjoyed it a lot due to my fascination with the 40K universe. Quite coincidental that I found this link that you might enjoy, showing off the miniatures that inspired the series:

After sleeping for a mere four hours, my mom awoke me to have breakfast with my cousins. I had gotten leg cramps before reaching there, and was irritable for the entire ordeal. Afterwards they came to my house, were I promptly napped before taking them to the ferry station.


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