Day 17 – Moving On

Lessons are learnt in places were you don’t expect them to happen. Today during my class were I was volunteering as an assistant, I was called 3 times near the end of it by friends itching for me to get out. I was supposed to meet them at Fisherman’s Warf, a bit of an Arcadia with an expo going on. By the time I got there, they had left to Sands for KFC, another thing that was planned but never happened. I had the idea of going to expo with my parents, than meeting them to play at the arcade then have KFC for dinner (originally we had planned to go ice skating, but the class made it impossible). They didn’t want to go to the expo, so I tried to finish quickly to meet them. When I got out, turns out they all went home. I had missed out, and a part of me felt angry at the people and things that caused it, but i realised that I had made a commitment to go there every Saturday for 3 weeks and it was my responsibility to uphold my commitment. It wasn’t anything or anybodys fault. It just happend. I wonder if this how having a job feels like? Lesson learnt.

I didn’t let this slow me down, even though it ate up most of my day. I spent the rest of the evening catching up on reading (finishing a PC Gamer) and playing games. My arms are still extremely sore and I swear they are becoming stones.

Off to treat my arms, before they fall off :S

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