Shrimp, To Peel or not to Peel. A fitting 50th article.

***I started this blog not only to record some of the things I did over summer, but to express myself and to explore the term Jack of All trades. I originally planned to do more different types of stories, I’m sorry to keep you waiting :P.***

Shrimp. A stable of modern seafood cuisine. Eating shrimp, people are often faced with a dilemma. If you don’t peel them before hand, customers I have to spend time de-shelling them, wasting time and effort. If you pre-peel them the freshness is in jeopardy.

This problem is solved by a local restaurant, tucked under the walls of one of the oldest Buddhist temples in my city. I neglected to bring my camera (silly me) so hopefully I can paint an image with my words.

What the restaurant did was quite ingenious. It simply fried the shrimp (live) to the point where the shell could be simply eaten! I’m not sure if this is new or not, but its the first time I’ve seen it and how wonderful does it taste. The outside is crunchy and brittle but inside the meat of the shrimp is still fresh and moist. I must have had ten of them (no good for my pimples in the least).

Hopefully I will find more random things to write about in the future.


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