Day 22: My brother turns 13

Today is my brother’s birthday, but more on that later.

First thing we did today was go to swimming class for the first time in weeks. For some reason the one day we return is the most grueling. Our tortures today included but are not limited to:

  • Swimming an entire lap with our heads up
  • Swimming an entire lap without breathing
  • Swimming an entire lap frog style (my worst style) with our hands behind our back

After swimming we went to a Japanese restaurant for a mini-celebration with my mother and maid. We ate tons of sushi and sashimi :D. We will have a bigger celebration when my father returns during the weekend (he works abroad during the week).

Afterwards I bought a plant for my desk for two reasons (three really)

  • I read its healthy and reduces stress
  • I wanted one
  • A Youtube commentator named Spazie has a plant

I then meet up with my friend Chester to pick up a gift for my brother at the computer mall. Our original plan was to get him a complete audio overhaul with a soundcard, headset and speakers. Even with our combined money we were unable to buy anything without cheaping out on some parts or excluding some. We ended up buying him a headset with a built-in soundcard. Our logic was to get him one better thing, rather than some small rubbish ones. We got him a creative sound blaster tactic 3d alpha. Yeah its a mouthful.

Afterwards we helped the birthday boy setup his new headset (creative drivers suck). Chester ended up using my computer so now I’m stuck on my netbook, writing this article.

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