Day 23: The Quest for a lamp

Late afternoon my mother and I went out to look for a lamp. But first, we had to run an errand. My mother had signed up for a membership (again) for a hotel near our church called Grand Lapu. On the way there the devastation that the typhoon brought was quite apparent. I really should have brought my camera. I read a tip that said bring my camera everywhere, now I just have to follow it.

After acquiring the membership card, we drove home and got stuck in heavy, heavy traffic. Instead of moaning about the lost time I was productive, fixing our music player to display the time and bonding with my mom. She told me stories about her early days and the states, one of which stood out in particular.

It was snowy in the United States and a Blizzard was raging. My dad had called my mother earlier in the day to come home earlier and drive more carefully. Despite my dads warnings, my mother rushed home late at night. She suddenly lost control and smacked into a highway divider. ***She survived because she was wearing a seatbelt. The state we lived in had passed the law for mandatory seatbelts only a month before.*** When my dad went to see her he didn’t ask about the car or get angry. He simply said: “Let’s see if my wife is doing ok.” and kissed her on the forehead. A week later he bought my mother a new car. Good man dad


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