Day 24: Community Day

Today started exactly how it did last Saturday. I woke up and it was 12 already. Guess i missed the last swimming class. Really glad its over, it gives my weeks more flexability, but I will have to find other forms of excercise now.

I then went to the last community class. For some reason today it clicked to me how important it was to learn how to interact with children better. It felt good to help give a little back and know that I was helping someone, who otherwise would be alone with seven hyper-active children to herself.

The final communtiy event was the barbeque. My friends Zherlain and Joel decided to come as well. I brought my camera, like I said I would :P. It was fairly uneventful. Zherlain and joel left early, I didn’t each much and i played around with my camera. A certian someone made it more interesting though :)..

Tommorow we have church, then afterwards lunch buffet at Grand Lapa. Then we are going to try to buy a lamp and an amp for our home theatre.

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