Day 25: Random Thoughts

Was watching olympics after dinner and I just noticed that Micheal Phelps got 4th 0_0. Also a 16 year old chinese girl won freestyle and set a world recored (chinese pride :D!).

Next week is gonna be dedication week. Everyday im going to focus on one thing, and one thing only in attempt to make progress in said thing. Tommorow I shall focus on dance and try to improve and possibly film. If you want to see me from before you can go to my youtube:

I wonder if I can really do all I planned? Things have a tendency of getting in the way. At least swimming is ended, that way I don’t have any planned interuptions. My friend Chester wants to build his pc, having bought parts in Hong Kong so I guess I’ll have to fit that in. I really shouldn’t plan so cramped.

I also played a really good game of League of Legends. Joel and I played ranked. Heres a screenshot of my score, i’m so happy :D!

chogath score


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