Day 25:5²

Church. An important, but often uneventful event. Nothing of note her except our Sunday school had a new record of attendance of 8 (we are pretty small) and one of the girls that hasn’t been present for many weeks came to visit (she moved to another church).

The afternoon was spent an area of Macau known as Sun Ma Lao which translates into “The New Road.” Nearby are some historical sites such as The Ruins of St. Paul, a church that burnt down and only its stone facade remained, and the Guia Fortress which was built by the Portuguese to hold of the Dutch (if my history is up to scratch).

After lunch we went on a quick shopping spree. My brother got (don’t hold your breath) a pair of echo leather shoes + a bag, a Nike sports bag and Adidas shoes. Me on the other hand walked out of there empty-handed.

I try to be moderately inactive on Sundays. I’m writing this after performing my new favorite activity: napping. Hopefully the week ahead will be more exciting. I’ve got a lot planned, but its going to take a lot fo will power to get it done. Wish me luck!


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