Dedication Day 1: Shuffling

A quick history of shuffling

Shuffling is an electronic dance that is characterized by running man and t-step. It is usually done to music with a solid beat in the background (trance and hardstyle) which means it can’t be done to normal pop or dubstep. Although its exact origins are unknown, many people believe it started in the underground acid era in Melbourne, hence Melbourne shuffle.

A quick personal history of shuffling

It’s been awhile since I started shuffling. I started in the summer, two years ago and my passion for it reached a climax about a year in, then started to fizzle out. Shuffling used to be really big with its glory year being around 2007, so I missed that boat. I learned shuffling because i liked the music, wanted to learn how the dance and not look so useless at parties.

What Happened today and thoughts

I started at 3 and ended at 4:30. My orignal idea was to dance the entire day, but lunch and personal stamina prevented it. There was only so much dancing I could do before I got tired/bored. I did some good shuffling in though, between constant hard-breathing and breaks. I really like dancing to the song Metropolis by David Guetta:

It felt better to just close my eyes and just let myself do the rest, rather than scrutinize all my dance moves. All in all a pretty good dedication day.

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