Day 28.5: Summer Sleepover Chronicles

As i write this, Joao is sleeping (he always sleeps first), my brother and Joel are playing League of Legends (big surprise) and John is using my PC to play Battlefield 3. That leaves me on the netbook, chronicling events even before there over.

After building the pc Joel and I went to his house to pick up his clothes and to buy some snacks (which lasted only a few hours, quite the teen phenomenon, able to eat vast quantities of food without getting full even late at night.

We watched three movies, Iron Sky, The Devil Inside and Jackass 3D before settling into our current gaming mood. Iron sky was a bit disappointing, but a good light-hearted summer flick. Devil Inside: Creepy and Scary. Its late. ‘Nuff said. Jackass. WOW. Funny, kind of inspiring and out right ridiculous.





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