Day 31: The Turnaround

Some time after writing the last post I decided if im going to sit around all day, I might as well do it clean. I went to take a shower.  It toke me an hour. Wait, wait I can explain.

Halfway through undressing I discovered that I hadn’t cut my nails in a century. After making my nails look a crack addicts, I spent the next few moments talking to myself to the mirror. No, I’m not crazy, its scientifically proven to relieve stress and get out ideas! Which is exactly what happened.

Afterwards I decided to learn Tyler the Creators Rap in the song Rella. I don’t know why specifically, but probably because he’s a centaur in the music video and it was the best:

Then I watched a movie called Ninja Scroll. ‘Twas a good anime flick. Crazy, outrageous villans, a goody-goody protagonist and of course a love story. It’s easy to find a video of it online, and they even have an english dub. However, as with all foreign movies, I suggest the orignal language with subtitles to show the orignal feel of the characters.


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