Nexuiz: Impressions

Few facts about Nexuiz

  • It’s roots are from a mod
  • Fast-paced with interesting but no innovative gun
  • No single player besides bots
  • Multiplayer is basically dead
  • Unique gameplay mechanic is known as mutators

The game is about two races that are sworn enemies (typical deal). The  Forsellians (Blue) and Kavussari (Red). For the sake of simplicity, I shall refer to them as red and blue.

Ok, enough background information let’s get to the important stuff. The game. The, visually is quite impressive with good lighting and motion effects completely rendered in Cry Engine 3. It runs smoothly and without hastle, and the maps have quite a nice art style to them.

Ok, next music. While subjective, I really like is trancy, electro music. It really lends to the atmosphere and helps to convey the anxiousness and how frantic the combat is.


Fast, satisfying and intense. While bots provide a good challenge, it’s a real pity that the amount of active players can be counted on my fingers. The hit detection is solid, with guns feeling weighty and powerful.  More often than not, the problem is hitting the enemy, whilst jumping, running and teleporting.

What really stands out is the mutators. This is what makes Nexuiz stand out from the crowd. Each mutator dramistaclly changesthe gameplay. One can effect gravity, give infinite ammo or launch a nuke to kill everyone on the map. There are literally hundreds of mutators, and I encounter a new one every game.

On the two occasions I did get into a lobby with players it was good fun. It’s a pity when a games multiplayer base just disappears. One game I joined a outnumbured player to make it an even 2v2. We lost. On the second I was in the game by myself for several minutes before someone popped in. I thoroughly beat him, and it didn’t that someone else joined on my team later that game.

While joining a random server I ended up downloading a custom map. It really shows that this game could have shown, with the map working perfectly and the bots knowing how to use it. As you might imagine, the theme was cats.

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Final verdict

It had potential, but its a shame no one plays it anymore. Skip it, unless you want to play against bots or it has a surge in player numbers again.


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