Ao Grama

Ao Grama is a former Portuguese Buffet in Taipa. It’s the type of restaurant you walk by all the time, but never know whats in there. You assume only fancy or rich people eat there. When I went in that’s what I felt, a bit of misplacement.

It didn’t help that they did not speak chinese and my father’s english was a little but unrefined. Eventually after minutes of standing around (getting stared out)  and a few hasty phone calls we were seated. Being the only reservation in the entire restaurant and the friendly manager was a great help. I wasn’t feeling too thrilled about the restaurant, but then..the food!

Running a bit late, my Grandmother told us to order first. We ended up ordering two appetizers and I got myself something called Orange Squash (which was initially awful, till I realized you must add sugar). Those clams. Dat clam. I swear they were worth every penny. Just so full of flavour, unlike most other clams which fail to absorb the flavour of the sauce. Just really good. The next appetizer wasn’t as good. For 42 mop we got 3 slices of tomato with some cheese on top.

While eating the clams, something dawned on me.  My grandma has a lot of friends. A lot of them. Every time we eat out it’s always with someone, often I’ve never seen them or I don’t recognize them.

Only other major highlights were the fried pineapples. Just moist enough not to be dry and the frying process allowed the skin to become caramalized and cinnamon.

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