Day 32: New lamp, New Restaurants

Church was uneventful as usual. With my mother gone, there was no one to usher us out of bed, leaving my dad to deal with mauling us out of bed. He sorta failed, and because of it, no breakfast, which turns out to be an advantage later. There is a new girl who came to my Sunday School class for two days in a row. I first met her at the barbecue a week before, and she seems she will become a regular.

We then had lunch with some of my Grandma’s many friends at a traditional Portuguese restaurant known as Ao Grama. I publish a separate article on that, but I stuffed myself silly and the food was good. As always, we got stuck with the left overs.

Upon returning home, we jumped into our usual ritual of playing a few rounds of League of Legends. But for some unexplained reason, our internet decided to be completely bad, making it impossible to play. We were planning to see a movie called Total Recall but decided against it because we are 1) to lazy and 2) there was barely anymore tickets. I ended deciding to take a quick 30 minute nap. Failing to set the alarm however, that turned into 2 hours.

After waking up from my unintentionally extended nap my father and I finally went to get my lamp. ***Short Story about my lamp: That blue lamp was my orignal lamp that I bought when I got back here. I’ve had for seven years. Seven years of staying up to read, write and fateful companion when the occasional nightmare comes up. It shall not suffer the fate of similar to the monitor. I kinda can’t bear to see it go really. On the other hand the new green lamp is bright and cheerful, and the round base makes my desk look like it has more space.*** Afterwards, we went to my grandma’s house to pick up a bun (she’s always asking us to come get things). She was playing Mahjong with the people we ate lunch with. We then got a Large Tropicana Pizza that we had ordered early and settled in for an evening of League of Legends and Olympics coverage.


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