A triumph of sure will: Day 34, Dedication Week Reignited.

Well everybody, I’ve done it. I got my lazy ass of the chair (and several other’s asses) and went out and lived a little in my beautiful city Macau. We did a lot, starting early in the day, so grab a snack and enjoy the post. – William

*** For those of you who don’t know, I have a thing called dedication week where I dedicate each day of the week to one thing. Today I did photography, and it’s most successful day yet*** Photo’s soon hopefully. So much editing to do

The day started with my phone violently ripping me out of bed. 7AM. No one is up yet, leaving me to fend for myself. After a quick shower and a poorly missed protein shake I’m of to meet up with my friends.

I meet them in Joel’s lobby. Lyka, Joel’s sister arrives first, shortly followed by Zherlain. None of us had a decent breakfast so we decide to eat McDonald’s first.

Afterwards we had put some fuel in the fire, we walked the reservoir. Due to the typhoon knocking down some shade, and our unfortunate positioning we were directly assaulted by the early morning sun. It forebode the things to come.

Later, after trudging around the reservoir, we toke a cable car up a local mountain to go see the Guia Lighthouse. The cable car only toke us halfway, forcing us to hike the remainder of the mountain. There was a bomb raid shelter and a chapel among other things.

On our decent we made a wrong turn, ending up in a local youth center. We took the opportunity to recuperate and sat there watching Oggy and the Cockroaches for half an hour. We toke a lot of breaks 😛

We then caught a bus into Taipa. At this point we had lost our orignal flow of ideas, but still had a general direction we wanted to take. We walked through Old Taipa, and came across a crew filming something, not unlike our own trip. Shortly after, we arrived at the venetian. We wandered around, looking at clothes and left when we got a call from a friend.

Soana and Martharoot where waiting for us when we got to the Sushi Parlore. They had acquired summer jobs at a local art gallery and were exhausted. We exchanged stories and raw fish for a bit then they were off to work. Us, on the other hand were about to start the most exhausting part of the trip.

Today was full of crazy ideas. We decided to bike all the way to Coloane, the third and final island. If we made it there, we would have gone to all three islands in one day (no mean feat). So, we left our heavy belongings at the Rent-A-Bike store and biked on with our cameras, not actually quite sure how to get there. It. Was. Draining. Making it there was tiring enough, but getting back? That was a real test of will. It’s a miracle none of us got hurt on the way (thank God!).

We retired to McDonald’s to rest for a while. Then we walked the bridge from Taipa to Macau, right after biking two island lengths. It’s Summer? The walk over was pretty intimidating. Unlike other bridges, the pedestrian lane is only wide enough for one person, and the feeling of the buses rushing past is just awful. Got some good photos though.

To round off the day, we went to one of our favorite restaurants. Brick’s Burger! Following the theme of today, we walked there. I know this is a long post so I shan’t say much more! It was just a really fun day, and I felt truly productive and that I made us of my summer. Thanks for reading!


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