Day 35: Short and Sweet

The day started with Joel calling me. He was going to try to get Close Quarters.. again. He came up to my house with Zherlain, and after a quick shower and a trip to a pc mall we owned Close Quarters, the dlc focused on infantry combat

We didn’t get to play it just yet though. Zherlain had a dinner date with Martharoot at six. She had 3 hours to kill and we ended up going to my house to watch a movie. We settled on American Pie Reunion. I personally had not watched the earlier American pie’s so there wasn’t much nostalgia for me. It was a good movie, nothing stood out besides really except that it had actually nudity in some scenes and how much of an asshole Fiddler is.

After that, everybody went home. I spent the evening trying out close quarters with Joel and playing League of legends with him and my brother. However in doing so, I completely forgot to write the blog (sorry) thus why this blog is late and there is two today.


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