Day 36: Triumvirate of Summer Entertainment

Today Bruno, Zherlain, Martharoot and I went to a mini-acardia. Despite going out and going broke two days before, it was good to get out of the house. After a hurried shower, I met up with them at a 7/11 at Macau Square. We knew had to get there, but not which bus to take. We walked..again.

At the Acardia we did three things, so I’ll try to break it down so it’s easier to digest.

Ice Skating

In Macau you can get a discount in public venues if you bring your student card. However, mine and Bruno’s just happened to be expired. Figures.

Ice skating was probably the most unconventional for us (out of the three events). Martharoot didn’t know how to ice skate, so we spent most of the time in the ice rink prying her from the side and trying to teach her how to skate. In the end she did go one lap somewhat unassisted. Another weird thing was a young girl started following Zherlain wherever she went. Around the rink, outside of it, everywhere. Zherlain, despite being half chinese, could not speak it and simply nodded to everything she said. We had to shoe her away, as she was getting clingy, constantly telling us to come play. It would come to haunt us later, quite literally.


We went to McDonald’s afterwards. Uneventful besides having to sit apart in pairs due to the lack of seats. Also worth mentioning was the girl from earlier was there, with her mother and sister and giving death glares to Zherlain. So there’s that..

Bowling. Man, I suck at bowling. My final score? 18 points. Half of the closet one to me. They even named the Gutter after me. Not a single round was without a gutter ball. We had a bet that we whoever lost would buy the others ice cream. Guess we all know who had to buy that huh? My professional bowling friend Brian was also there at the alley. Despite his advice I failed to get consistent scores. I tried many different bowling styles, including chucking it through my open legs, much to the amusement of my friends.


Ahh the arcade. Here I was more at home. They had classics like time crisis and Mario kart. Bruno spent all of his coins and a punching game where if your punch scores added up to a certain point you got a free drink! The girl was also there at the arcade (STALKER) but probably did not see us. I finally reclaimed my pride by besting Martharoot and Zherlain in a round of Mario kart (after coming 3rd in the one before). Then I gambled my last two coins and won 20 tickets! The cheapest price, a hello-kitty pencil was 70 tickets. I ended up sticking the tickets in my scrapbook.

After that, since I was a good sport (and everyone had forgotten) I bought them Ice cream. Today was the last day Zherlain had before going back to South Africa for 10 days, so this would be the last time in a while we could hangout.

At home I watched Leverage (surprisingly good) and played League of Legends. Pretty typical eh :P?


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