Thunderstorms with a chance of Pamphlet spam: Day 37 in a nutshell

Today I “volunteered” with my brother to help my mother and the church spread the word. Not the most interesting event but I must blog about it :).

Our churches strategy was quite broad. We had multiple pamphlets and booklets, as well as events to encourage teenagers such as games and concerts. Today, I was put in charge of handing out pamphlets. Having poor chinese skills and being sleepy, I decided to simply to put booklets in people’s mailboxes. Here in Macau, Mailboxes are slits in the door of an apartment entrance like in this picture that I borrowed from google.

I started this strategy by filling up the mailboxes in my own building, skipping our’s of course. To me it seemed like the best course of action, as people can read it on their own terms and our more likely to not throw it away. At church, I would make constant trips back and forth from the church to resupply, filling the surrounding buildings with Pamplets. I must have done at least a hundred (over 9000!).

After handing stuff out for about half an hour, it was time for lunch. I have a special misfortune where people give me stuff they don’t wanna it. Because of this, I got stuffed, and passed out on a bean bag in the children room.

Then it was time to visit an elderly home filled predominantly with males. Despite heavy rain, we were determined to get there. Whilst there, we sang, played some games and spread the word to the elderly. We used some bracelets to convey our message Yellow (the light), Black (sin), Red(the blood of Jesus), White (wash away the scene) and Green (the promise land).

I also finally got mail informing me something was in my P.O Box. Always lovely to have mail. Today’s topic might be a bit touchy, but hopefully you enjoyed reading it.


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