Day 38: You got mail!

Today I finally received my copy of King Arthur 2 from PC Gamer, my favorite magazine. I had won it in a competition on their website several months ago and after frantic emails and lots of waiting i finally got it :D. I also have been fortunate enough to win a usb (letter of the month, one of my biggest achievements) and a ram kit because they thought it was so good that the featured it again. 

Also watched an episode of Naruto: Shippuden. It may look shallow on the outside, but the characters have a lot of depth. Today I teared up. A student could not slay his former master who was resurrected by an evil technique.

Afterwards I toke a quick shower and went with my parents to get a bill. In Macau, everyone is legible to win a chance to purchase a limited edition bill. Despite going to three different banks and m mom getting a headache, we still managed to get it. We could potentially sell it later for a lot more money.

I spent most of the afternoon playing League of Legends, saving up experience to buy a character named Teemo. He specializes in harassment and using poison. Lets me be an annoying bastard. After dinner and some olympics we went to buy a blu-ray disk (having bought a blu-ray player a month prior). It’s a family guy special:

Spent the rest of the evening grinding for Teemo, which i finally unlocked despite our constant lag problems. I also reached 90 posts a few days ago, but the real benchmark will be at 100. Cheers!


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