First Half of Day 39: Insomnia Inspiration

Insomnia Inspiration

Do you ever have those nights where you just can’t sleep. It’s late and your tired. Your completely comfortable and yet.. your body just refuses to sleep. I had one of those nights yesterday (after staying up to finish the blog) and in my sleepless state my brain became an idea machine. Wanting to not waste these ideas, I constantly awoke to take them down on my phone (I know, probably didn’t help me get to sleep) and after about ten ideas I finally drifted of to sleep, happy that I was a slumbering genius. Listen to this as you read the post:

A happy surprise was the diner that we eat at for breakfast recently got some new coaches. Before they had really uncomfortable wood and steel chairs and I’m happy that there’s some change. If you go there very Sunday, its something you can appreciate.

Evey second Sunday of the month, the upper class in Sunday school have to go to service. They also do the communion on Sunday, making it even longer than usual.

After church we decided to have lunch with my aunt at MGM in Macau, at a small sandwich cafe they had. I had an amazing bagel with creme cheese and salmon. As part of the set meal I also got to choose a cake from a nearby bakery. I choose the luscious looking chocolate moose. Ever have those cakes that taste so good your tongue gets bored with the taste, and it starts tasting bad? In chinese we call it “lao,” and overdose of a certain flavour. Waay to sweet. We also paid a visit to the butterfly garden that I went with my cousins a month before. Heres a nice photo I toke back then, with my sub-par phone:

Update you guys later in the day, off to see a movie. It’s in Chinese, so my parents are paying to make me go 😛


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