Living Room Day

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit materialistic. I get satisfaction from owning things. I am trying to fix that, but for now it remains a slight niggle. I just purchased a pair of Panasonic Ergofit Earphones. Upon hearing they were good and cheap from cnet, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a bit of an audio tech collector~ish now:

Here is where im going to spend the next few hours:

Was lunch was finished I watched “Something, Something, Something Darkside” a family guy special and a nature documentary by BBC called “Walking With Beasts.” I’ve watched them before, so I don’t have any initial impressions. Both good watches though.

After my mini TV Marathon, I was gently interrupted by a woman who had come to visit from the States (mom’s friend). She showed me her family photo’s from her Nexus 7 (want). Apparently she travels every summer. She’s been to Mexico! She also got me thinking about my feature, college and what I should major which leads to my next story..

My IGCSE results! I had almost completely forgotten. I got on my mom’s computer, pushing her aside telling her that I was to see it first. It was a heart stopping moment. EUPHORIA. I had done much better than expected! I had gotten 5 A’s and 3 A*s! I even got an A* in Chinese, my weakest subject! Thank God 😀 I feel so blessed. I also got an ICE award (an A in Science, Social Science and Langauge).

  • Chemistry – 83
  • Physics – 86
  • Literature – 90
  • Math – 82
  • Biology – 86
  • English – 92
  • Chinese – 91
  • Computers – 86

Also toke the opportunity to send my friend Chester (the one with a new PC) some codes for World of Tanks.

Then I watched The Raid Redemption. Good action movie with lots of elbowing. The cops are kinda disappointing in places, but a solid action flick.

Had dinner in the solitude of the living room while watching things on my netbook.

Also read several chapters of the Book Thief. Such a good book. Love his writing style.

Well, my living room day is coming to a close. I’ve successfully spent the entire day in the living room without using my PC in my bedroom. I liked getting a chance to watch instead of play and to use my netbook which often gets neglected for its older brother. It is actually a pleasant little machine. Lets see if I did all I wanted to do.

  • Watch Naruto
  • Watch Youtube
  • Watch The Raid Redemption
  • Watch Family Guy
  • Watch Walking With Beasts
  • Read Book Thief
  • Blog about it 😛

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