Day 41: Snooker and Sneakers

I slept in the living room to complete the living room day and woke up to sunshine blaring in my face. It was a good change to my normal groggy beginnings. I texted Joel and John, telling them get over by 1 so my mom could drive us to the war game place.

Joel arrived early, he wanted to buy a keyboard. We ended up with a keyboard named the Knucker.

Eventually everyone was grouped up at my house. There was only one problem. My mom had decided to leave the house. When she finally did arrived, we all crammed into our small Nissan Tiida. She didn’t remember how to get there.

We met up with our friends Chester and Dicky for war gaming. We went up to book the war gaming. “I’m sorry, we only are open Monday, Sunday, Saturday and Friday.” -,-. When we went bowling, we had the worst clerk ever. First he complains about our student id’s. When Joel says Shit he goes “Please, Don’t Swear.” Later when my friend John said WTF, Joel, right in front of the clerk “Please, Don’t Swear.” Due to his stalling and nagging, the last lane gets booked and we leave to play snooker.

We then played snooker for the first time. Going in, it felt like the Macau Underground. It was good. Our first game, most of the points were from penalties.

After a solid few hours we walked down a street that was almost exclusively owned by a chain of shoe stores. We then ate at a small street food shop. I had these rich curry noodles. We then returned for a few rounds of snooker, then Joel and I went back to my house.

The timing of our arrival caused a unique predicament. We haven’t had dinner, and my maid was just leaving the house. Joel decided to cook, so we made eggs and Mi-Go-Reng instant noodles. It took us awhile, both of us waay out of practice and me not knowing where anything was.

I also watched Planet Dinosaur today. A bit repetitive, but still entertaining nonetheless. I kept screaming LIES when they said there was a carnivore bigger then the T-rex. Played League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 for the rest of the night with friends.

My apologizes for stale writing, I’m writing this in a tired state of mind.

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