Day 42: Summer Bliss

Today we went swimming. This is my second time to the people the entire summer. Blasmphemy, I know. I was with my friends Joel, John, Anthony, Bruno and Ivan. It was blazing hot there at the pool, I literally burned my feet. Joel, forgetting to bring trunks had to use my spare speedos. Ivan also had this case that let him use his iphone underwater. He can listen to music underwater and take photos :3. We also played Russian Roulette with my bb gun and picked up some bbq chicken wings at the nearby beach tourist traps.

On the way back from the pool John did a fair bit of trolling on the bus. Inspired by online sensation Janoskians, my friends and I decided cause a little bit of a ruckus. We kept randomly shouting. John toke it further, shooting people with a  bb gun pistol and yelling insults at pass-a-byers. Once in Taipa, Bruno, Ivan and Anthony went home to their respective homes.

After we split up, we went to a local apartment complex called Nova City to play basketball. We ended up playing 2v3 with a man and his son, with me on their side to even the sides. You could say it was a bit of a grudge match (with Joel managing to hit his son with the basketball) and when the son stopped for a breath it was on. 2v2. The Father and me, and Joel and John. He then scored 4 points.. in a row. He was nice enough to pass to me before scoring. We then played a game called “Around the World.” Normally each player takes turns shooting, and if you score you can go again. The first person to make successful shots and advance around the court wins. This time however we used to train, allowing John to take as many shots as he needed to advance. When it was my turn, I managed to get four shots in a row :D.

After basketball we went to have Mcdonalds. I was so thirsty that in my attempt to drink the coke faster I spilled it. We sat there, having a good chat.

The most curious thing happened to me as I went home. Made me love Summer even more. A girl just randomly comes up (a pretty one) and starts talking to me! We got into a conversation, and she games a lot too XD. She exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook. Hopefully, this a new chapter in the JackOfAllTrades.


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