I’m in Hong Kong! Part 1: Day 45

This is my hundredth post *dance of victory*, so hopefully I shall make it one of my best and in-depth yet. Today is also the first day in the entire summer that I have left the country. Hopefully it won’t be the last.

Read On to See my extensive story on my one day trip to Hong Kong!

The morning started early. We were up and about by eight o’clock and even managed to squeeze in breakfast. Tata, our helper was going to be on annual leave as soon as we left. Despite this, she seem damped in spirit.

When we got to the ferry terminal, it was packed to the seem. Not only with usual Saturday commuters, but several packs of tourist groups. Something as simple as getting a ticket toke us ten minutes. At least crossing immigration is easier. In Macau, residents get a card which they can insert to this machine (kinda like an atm). Once you get through the first part, they scan your thumb to confirm your identity. Wish I could show you it, but you can’t take photos in there. But, I didn’t neglect to bring my camera, and my diligence pays off soon. Heres a photo of the metal beast that shall transport me to a shopping paradise:

On the ferry I got a chance to break in the earphones I bought a few days before.

Right as the ferry docked, my brother, mother and I were already ready to rush out. Despite our best attempts to get through immigration quickly there was a huge line. I got to take some nice harbour photos, before getting rushed along by a rude immigration guard:

To pass the time in line my brother and I tried to name all the League of Legends champions. We got most of them, which just shows our “dedication to the game.” When we finally got through, we toke a taxi to see the Chinese Doctor. The taxi driver was on the phone the entire time we were in the car. He kept saying “Let him sue me, I’m already there! Do what you want!” Very odd indeed 0_o.

Yo Si Fu, as he is known in Chinese is a doctor that specializes and pressing the body’s meridians and realigning the body using advance massage techniques. After we started seeing him we got taller, and got sick less. The cost? Besides the obvious currency, is the pain. So much pain. He likes to pop all the pimples he can see on my face. My screaming scared a newcomer that was going after me. For some reason, I started to use a line from League of Legends to harass my family. “HE KUR!” I made a video to demonstrate its annoying-ness. Still haven’t figured out embedding..

We then toke a taxi to meet my dad where we spend most of our days in Hong Kong. Harbour City. This time our taxi driver complained about the strict Hong Kong driving laws. If your caught speeding, you are deducted 3 points. Once you reach 15 points your license is revoked. Again is 6 months, and the following offense is a year. He said its easy to get caught (police camp bridges and high traffic areas with camera’s for heaven’s sake) and to have your license revoked is a death sentence for a taxi driver. If your caught littering its 1500 HKD on the spot.

We had lunch were normally do as well. A small restaurant known as Niji Burger. Expensive, but delightful little place. My brother and I had the same burger. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t finish it. Here’s why:

My mom pointed out over dinner that both taxi drivers we had today had some odd issues. One was in a court battle and one liked to complain about the government. In Macau the taxi drivers don’t complain. Hmm..

I also noticed an abnormal number of men wearing yellow shorts. About 7 in total. I wonder if there in or something.

The Shopping Begins

This glass roof is where we started our shopping:

Minor attractions: Bought some nice pens in preparation for school. Came with some extra goodies that will come into play later. Passed a store called Curry in a Hurry.

Major attractions: Here is where it began. We found the Page One outlet. So many books in there scream buy me! It made me guilty though, thinking off all the unread books at home. I got another warhammer 40k book and this other best seller. Its one of the two stores that I cannot leave Hong Kong without buying something from.

Which leads to the second store. Uniqlo. Sweet maple syrup on elephant tusks. This store is basically my wardrobe. They account for 50% of my clothes from underwear to hoodies. I haven’t been there in almost half a year. I had two objectives in mind. A hoodie and a pair of shorts.

While I was browsing my phone decided to die on me. It’s just like me to neglect to charge anything before a trip. That was where I was taking notes on the days events so I could blog better! That’s where the pens come in. They just so happened to include a notepad to right on! Thank God! My only concern was I couldn’t read my handwriting (which is notorious for its un-readability, even I can’t read it sometimes.)

I ended up getting some house clothes, a snug hoodie and a t-shirt. I was finally buying some new clothes (which I haven’t for months). This was because dad was trickle feeding me his old clothes.

We had some trouble at the cashier. My mom noticed they were overcharging us on a certain t-shirt (Hawkeye mom!) and due to the cashiers incompetence it toke ages to figure it out. I had time to walk out of the store, go to the bathroom and come back.

I then had the pleasure of walking down the technology lane of Harbour City. Just so much tech. It’s an audiophile and tech nerds wet dream. Being a bit of both, it was just a bit too exhilarating. For some reason they didn’t have the headphones I wanted. They have it in Macau but I was hoping for a cheaper price.

We then stopped at Starbucks for a break. My brother got something that looked like a cup of Whip Cream while I had Mango Passion Fruit (on a side note, I never eaten a plain passion fruit before, one day I should).

Stick around for part 2! This one was getting a bit long so I decided to split them.


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  2. embedding vids isnt hard. Its basically like adding a picture but when the window with the option to search your pc opens you got to switch to Audio/Video at the top of the window and enter the video url at the end 😉

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