I’m in Hong Kong! Part 2: Day 45

Part 2 of my Day in Hong Kong! If you didn’t read the first part fear not! Here it is:


The Mango Passion Fruit thing was giving me a passionate headache (wow so bad). I had to wait for it to melt before drinking anymore. We stopped on a nearby walkway to take some photos of the harbour. Fantastic view!

At this point my drink had melted, but it did not taste nearly as good as it should have.

Minor attractions: An Adidas store. No good casual shoes. A fancy chocolate store, the type that sells truffles that cost 30 dollars each and are the size of a nut.

We then went to another regular stop on our Hong Kong trips. City Super! It’s a really nice and big super market, kind of reminds me of Stop and Shop back home in the States. While there I wandered of to try some Mussels (so good!) and find some Snapple Juice. I had a strange urge to drink it, after hearing that they tried to make the worlds biggest popsicle. We shop there because lots of these foods are not available back in Macau.

After a quick run through Page One, we left the Harbour (city) and walked to a our favorite Japanese restaurant. Tonkichi! I want to do a more in-depth article and fear some might not be as interested so I’ll make a separate blog post for it (I’m also dead tired and still have so much internet stuff to do T.T). I’ll give you a quick taste (good one!):

This one was mine

We then walked of our stuffed stomachs by going to the ferry terminal. We had to rush down because it was crowded (even this late at night) and the boat was going to leave in 5 minutes. The entire family slept on the boat, exhausted from the day’s enjoyment.

When we arrived home we unlocked the first door and came to a rude awakening. Our aunt had locked the second door.


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