The Other Half of Day 46: Headphone Woes

Shortly after opening my new headphones I was noticing some oddities. The highs were really harsh and some times it sounded unclear. I kept trying to ignore it, but it soon became apparent that they weren’t living up to my expectations. As almost to reinforce this point, my dad came in to try my new headphones. In less than 30 seconds, he toke em off and said “I bought these because you wanted the, but there not as good as the other one’s I gave you.” He made me listen to music using his Cowon Mp3 using the beats and then my new Panasonic to show the difference. The difference was almost painful to hear (quite literally). Not only was the beats bass better and the highs actually clear, but the Panasonic failed to reproduce the clarity of a females voice inside sounding scrambled and sharp. While understanding the price difference, it was very disappointing. He told me “If your going to buy, at least buy something better, don’t downgrade.” It made me feel very bad indeed 😦 At least I learnt from my mistakes.

As if to add insult to injury, the internet started acting up. After one game of League of Legends, it started to crash in our second causing us to lose the match. Then when I switched to YouTube, it would completely disconnect from the internet (rather than the usual limited connectivity). I decided to play Bejeweled on mute and play some of my music. strangely the Panasonic started sounding not as bad as I used em more. Perhaps I should allow them to burn in, and I’ll get back to you on that.

We then had dinner with my mom’s mom. While I usually don’t enjoy going there the day decided to give me a break. There was lots of laughter, and a good assortment of dishes. It’s a shame that we don’t go more, seeing as we live a block away. It was good to have a good family gathering. My aunt gave me a cockroach house which I’ll explain later to handle our escalating arthropod problem.

After walking my mom half way to church I went home to set up my cockroach “house.” It works by luring them with some food, and as the enter my the house they get stuck on sticky paper. Knowing they are almost oblvious to there dead brethren it should be effective.

I also changed my theme to Piano Black. Is it easier to read, how do you like it?

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