Tonkichi: The land of jumbo Prawn and good service

Tonkichi is a medium-sized Japenese Restruant that is a 10 minute walk from Harbour City. It is my favourite restaurant in Hk and is where we often end our trips to Hong Kong. They have a total of four stores and are known for their service and food.


The food was served very quickly and efficiently. We started with appetizers, with some salted peas and some salad with pieces of squid inside.

We then started preparing the sesame sauce. Always one of my favorite parts.

You first use the mortar and pistol to grind up the seeds..

..then you add the sauce and mix!

Then Came the main course. Everyone got a bowl of Miso Soup and Rice.Then came the main dish.

Aside from two King prawns there were several smaller prawns for everyone and some pork as well. Underneath was some shredded cabbage that is amazing with the sesame sauce. I got to eat an entire King Prawn for myself, using ample tartar sauce.

We also had some nice Japanese peach soda (exclusive to memberships) and finished with a few pieces of water melon. A very satisfying meal!


It had a nice traditional Japanese, homely feel. They used tricks like putting mirrors on the walls to make the place feel less crammed.


Another place where Tonkichi shines. We had the luck of having a nice waiter called Jasmine. She was friendly and humble, always apologizing for even the smallest inconvenience. She also told us about the membership. Normal meals we get 15% of and 30% on the week of your birthday. You also get exclusive monthly food. She gave us a hint that if we ate just 2 meals, it would already be worthwhile. We toke the offer.


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