Day 47: Spicy Rice and even Spicier Jokes


Last Night I stayed up till two talking to Marilda and listening to music with my new headphones. I think you have to burn them in, but that is a bit of a tech myth. For some reason I’m more hyper at night. Guess my internal clock is all messed up.

Today was the first day we felt the impact of being “Ta-ta less.” My parents woke up early to get us breakfast. My family is very helper reliant (we are pretty useless and are busy). Today I decided to try the Masala tea. We screwed it up. Also the cockroach house I put house pulled in a fair catch, around 10 cockroaches.

Due to poor coordination my dad had 10 minutes to get to the ferry. Quite a fair bit of hustling.

I’m also doing more extensive testing of my headphones. Sometimes they feel a bit shaky, especially in intense parts. They seem to sound good when bass is more important, and sounded quite decent with treble reducer on my iPod.


Then my brother, mother and I went out for lunch. I stopped by the money exchange my RMB (my dad gives my allowance in it) to Macau Money. We then had lunch at a noodle place. While their John invited me to go swimming with him and his sister. I politely declined, I had other plans.

I then met Marilda where we always meet. The temple, the middle point of our two houses. I haven’t seen her for two months! Last nights conversation didn’t help quell my excitement. I was standing there, earlier then her as usual and then I see her. Just wadling around with her pink shirt and shorts. We have this ritual when we catch sight of each other we just stare and use body language to say “O DAMNN!” We just stare it each down. Just like old times, we pick up right where we left off. It was so good to see her again, having missed her all summer. She talked to me about her two months to Australia as we toke a bus to Taipa.

We decided to meet up at our signature restraunt San Mun Sushi, which translates to three dollar sushi. Marilda and I arrived first but everyone followed shortly. I won’t hinder you with the names but a lot of us were there. Later Lyka (Joel’s sister) and Vanessa split of to meet my friend Nicole.

We then proceeded to go biking. We were planning to bike all the to Coloane again, but it became quickly apparent we wouldn’t make it far. We ended up going to the Macau Stadium known as the Egg dome instead.

We then rested at McDonald’s. We chatted there for a while, but we hadn’t bought anything. We did one of the most hobo-ist things ever. We toke someones tray to put  on our table. I feel ashamed.

We then had FROZEN YOGURT. It’s simply soo good.


We arrived in Macau and walked Martharoot home. We decided to have a quick break that turned into quite a long one by the lake side. Toke some really nice photos! On a side not im working on the other ones!

We then meet Joel and went to Taipa for some Thai Food. Highlight of the day. If not for the food, but for the sheer amount of laughter. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages. It was nearly 10 and were the almost the last table there.


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