Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 1 (Day 49)

***Finally got around to writing these!***

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 1

I woke up early. It was 7:30. We had to get to the border asap or we would never cross it quickly. My mom works from home and had to stay up to finish some work. She only had one hour of sleep :(.

Our grandparents drove us to the border, along with a church friend named Annie who my mom was mentoring. Border security was tighter then before, with a mandatory check on all baggage and backpacks. It toke us nearly an hour to get past the border, and even longer for everyone to get across.

Everywhere you looked there was at least a hundred people

We finally got onto our tour bus. Even though we got onto the bus we couldn’t start. An unlucky couple didn’t check there expiry dates on their passports and had to get it renewed on the spot. That cost us about an hour. The trip to Hing Ling would take 7 hours. O joy. I never get car sick but I hate being in one position for so long.

My mom started getting agitated due to her lack of sleep. She complained about me not bringing my compact (she was the one that told me not too) and just being irritable in general. Thankfully this was a one day thing.

On the bus I had the misfortune to be across from to the portable mic that my dad had brought. I was however not as unlucky as Annie who had to sit right next to the thing.

I wanted to make a video time-lapse of footage I got of the countryside but it KEEPS CRASHING (WHY!?!?). I can only trudge onward and post photo’s that still work for now.

I finally got some footage into a working video. It’s poorly edited so…sorry :(.

After a few hours on the road we stopped to go pee at one of those roadside gas station/ restaurant things.My brother and I decided to stay on the bus. Shortly after the other people got off it started raining. One teenager, carrying a KFC tried to rush back to the bus. The driver wasn’t there on we had no idea how to open the door. Whoops. My dad also brought back a chicken bucket which we had to share with Annie -,-.

Later during the journey I had the worst luck sleeping. Right as I was about to start sleeping the main church woman decided it would be a good idea to start singing. O joy. Finally at 3 we had lunch. Not very found of the local Chinese flavour. My dad and I had a toothpick flinging contest, but besides that pretty normal.

It was after lunch that Annie started becoming annoying. When we got on the bus they started singing again. When they stopped I was finally able to sleep..for half an hour. We had reached Hing Ling.

The place we were staying was far from any roads that a huge bus could drive through. So we dismounted and had to walk all they way there with our suitcases. I was to tired and sick to take any photos (more tomorrow). When we reached it the driver of the car kept asking us “O, you arrived already?”

Last year they drove our suitcases into the compound.

Everyone was tired, but the church woman leader’s (we are a female dominated church) forced us all to huddle up and take a group photo. When it finally came to room assigning we got the one that we had the previous year. Room 118

Same room as before. Quite basic but at least it had aircon

I then caught a cold. How can you catch a cold when its 30°C out?

We then had a BBQ for dinner. We had brought electric flyswatters. My final kill count was 32 poor buggers. The local people like to use gasoline to start the charcoal fires..


My first attempt of the night

I nearly dropped my camera afterwards, which caused me to freak out and not take anymore photos for the day.

We then went biking around the compound. It was a nice open space for practicing, with smooth surfaces and a good amount of wind. Just a joy to ride there.

Later in the night we had a dance competition (make up moves for a song) for the house cup. My brother, Annie and I where all in group 2. Annie was being annoying again. Somehow we won and toke an early lead in the house cup.

We then retired to our rooms. Night times were free so I toke the time to receive free message therapy from one of the people on the trip. He diagnosed my brother with stiff neck probably due to his long hours of none stop gaming. I had no such problems :D.

We then went to someones room to play something called Wolverine. It’s similar to Killer or Mafia where everyone has a role and performs it at night when everyone closes their eyes. We had too little people that night so we couldn’t play with the cards that made the game unique. Truth or Dare followed next, with a heavy bias to dare. It was hilarious. I had to scream, at 11 o’clock  “I’M SO LONELY.” Another guy had to make out with a wall for 10 seconds. Great to bond with other church goers my age.

It was surprisingly cold in the room (or maybe i was just sick) so my brother had to sleep together. I forgot to switch of my phone to conserve battery which would come to haunt me later.


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