Day 58: Goodbye Old Friend

I came home from the date. I was exhausted in body and in wallet. My body started relax and prepare for a night of sleep. My mom was thanked for sponsoring me and I wandered over to my computer. “Dude come over, we are having a sleepover.” I had to look twice to make sure. I love my mom for being so considerate. After all off that stuff back to back she left me go. I was at home for about 2 minutes.

In Macau, normal buses stop at midnight which are then replaced by Night buses. The problem was, I didn’t know how to use the night buses. I had to sprint a hill to get to the bus stop in time. Thankfully I made it for the last round of buses. I arrived at Joel’s house sweaty and out of breath.

The sleepover was fun. I got to share my experience’s off my first date, but was quickly made fun off -m-. We played Little Big PLanet on Joel’s ps3; incredibly fun, those sack boys are just amazingly cute and all the community content is intoxicating. The boy’s toke turns playing Lol on the computer and playing Grand Turismo 5. Eventually we all gathered in Joel’s room to watch “The Shining.” I’m giving this movie the best suspense award. Major respect for the acting of the 3 main characters. We made fun of the woman throughout the movie though. Her facial expression and clumsiness really adds to the film.

We also had 0 sleep. I am writing this after sleeping for about 3 hours. Joy.

We then walked to ferry terminal to say goodbye to our friends, who were leaving for foreign countries permantly. My friends Martharoot was going to Canada and my friend Morgan was headed to the might US of A.

Lyka, Miguel and Nicole left first letting us men loiter at Joel’s house. We would regret it later when we discovered that our friend Morgan had already left. It was quite sad to see Martharoot go. She was such a strong, unique personality. She was our steadfast girl. She will be missed dearly. She even wrote out letters to her closet friends with tear-inducing letters. Most of the boys were too tired to cry though.

We then went to McDonald’s to have some quick breakfast. There was a lot of sleeping involved too. Eventually I went home by myself, we were all supposed to meet up later for swimming. I went home slept for 4 or 3 hours (so good) and then woke up to realise that my friends were in disarray.

Blogged for a few hours, had lunch, watched some YouTube and then got asked to go out shopping/trolling by Joel and Joao C.

Joel, Joao C. and I went to the Venetian. Joao had found some stuff a few days before that he wanted and ended up buying nothing. Bruno and Liam also joined us. We had a dinner at curry monster and were off home.

Spent the rest of the evening blogging and playing League of legends.

Finally got around to uploading some stuff


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