My First Real Date

I was so nervous. I sat there in the lobby wondering what would happen. I fidgeted every time the lift door opened, half hoping it was her and half hoping she would just ditch me. In a short few hours I had arranged my first “proper date.” My rational behind it was summer was almost over, so I might as well do something memorable. I’m glad I toke that risk 🙂


She arrived after what seemed like an eternity. Cute and clutching her Ipad she emerged from the lift by herself. After awkward greetings we needed to decide were to eat. I let her choose but she’s the type of girl who never wants to choose anything and just lets you do it. We ended up at place we both knew very little about: Fruitarian.

Thankfully the initial awkwardness quickly faded. She was really easy to talk to and was eager to share about herself (sometimes a little too much :P). I got to know her better of dinner. She has an interesting back story: Her parents were divorced when she was young, she lives with her grandma and meets online friends often in real life. The things I ordered there were quite horrendous however. Somehow I ended up with Tomato Crab and Mushroom pasta with papaya juice. I smiled, and ate it..all.


We then toke a bus to the arcade! She is an avid gamer playing games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor. Her true passion though is an arcade game called Jubeat. We arrived in less known arcade near San Ma Lao. It was a stark contrast to the normal arcades in my city. Clean. Smoke Free. No broken arcade game. Aircon. Crowdless. No wonder she came her often.

Jubeat Copious. This was the game she was born for. She was a perfectionist. She even had a game card that had her account information and high scores. The cool thing about Jubeat is that when you play songs, you can compete against people all around the world playing that song at that moment! Very cool Indeed. It’s one of those precise rhythm combo games. There are 16 lcd screens you tap to the rhythm of the song. Goodness was she good at it. It was awe-inspiring to see her play, so much concentration and movement. Of course I couldn’t let her have all the fun so I decided to try my hand at beginner. I handled it, but she was less than impressed :P.

I had to notice that the rhythm games had really, really good music. It kinda made me understand why Japanese Gaming culture is so popular, to the extent people move to Japan simply to play the games (Otaku)! Heres my first pick of the night, forgive me if i turn this into a little bit of a music exhibition.

She played several rounds of Jubeat as I watched. I tried to support her, saying “You got this” and “Waah you’re so good!” Despite this she was constantly disappointed at her score. She already got SS ranking and a 500 long combo. My highest combo was 40 -,-‘

After she had her fill of Jubeat we finally got around to playing some co-op games. The first game we played was this brawler/shooter game. You get a controller for each hand which controls many things. The first mission was against a man named Beefy. We “infiltrated” the ghetto compound and starting beating on there thugs. It was such a ridiculous game it was hard not to laugh. You punch down boxes to clear a path. You throw away yours guns before the boss fight. It was extremely fun in satisfying though. Enemy’s will have indicators to show when to hit them and how many time. The final boss, The steroid infused Beefy threw his own henchmen at us. To take him out we needed to punch crouch 50 times in 5 seconds. Extremely tiring. Another interesting combo was the K.O mechanic. If you injured someone enough, you could K.O them across the room, knocking over other henchmen and breaking doors and chairs. I loved that game.

We then proceeded to an arcade classic. Dance Dance Revolution! It wouldn’t be dance dance without Butterfly! Final score 2-1 in my favour 😛

I spent my last few tokens to treat her to a game of Street fighter. She had no idea how to play, and I wasn’t much better. She played Valkyrie a hair whipping FBI Agent and I played Blanka, a green brazilian that can use electricity. Maybe I should have gone easy on her here… 2-0 :/

She really liked rhythm games. The last game she played for the night was called Reflec Beat 2 where you.. reflect the beat. The first song she played was called Seed followed by its sequel Flower. Clever.


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