The Rest of Day 57

I then spent a few good hours in the afternoon trying to edit videos from the trip. I swear that sony vegas is the bane of my existant. It loves crashing, or lets me comepletly finish editing but then refuses to render it. A hair-ripping experiance. I also had to sift through hundreds of photos and start on the China Trip Blogs.

I was then called over to get somethings from my grandma’s house. It happens often. This time I was gonna get my dad’s old weights. It’s kinda cool, I’m going to get buff with tthe things that made my dad buff :3~! We also went to fetch some food as well. On the way Tata told me her Laptop was having weird problems. Another thing on the long list of stuff that needs doing.

Right as we were leaving the house my Grandpa called. He had gotten in a car crash. No one was hurt thankfully, and my grandpa was well enough to get yelled at by my grandma (a sure sign everythings fine)

I continued to blog till around eight in the evening and then it was time for my date. I kind of wanna go into detail so I’ll publish a diffrent article about it. My mom was supportive of it (thank God) allowing me to stay out late and sponsoring me. Both my mother and Tata thought it was Zherlain (the girl that went on a bbq with us earlier) simply because it was the only girl they knew.

A quick hygiene check and I was off! My first real date. Huzzah!


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