Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 2 (Day 50)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 2

The next day started early with a crappy breakfast that would be repeated for all four days of my stay. Some watery congee and assortment of weird dishes that I don’t like. I ended eating noodles and salted peanuts for breakfast.

We then had a quick bible study after breakfast. I was spared most of it due to a sudden and painful stomach. As I returned, I noticed no one in the breakfast hall. It was time for chapel.

Before Chapel though there was a really weird dance class being held by a woman named Wendy. It started out with some basic stretches but as soon as she started these amazingly gay moves all the men left the dance.

Then we had Chapel. I try to pay attention. I try to stay awake. But it’s just so damn boring! I kept nodding of to sleep throughout the duration. We then had a small meeting on how to encourage teenagers to come to church. I was asleep during that as well.

The lunch was much better with a bigger variety off food. I filled my food tray to the brim. Whenever I use a food tray I am compelled to finish everything on it for some reason. I feel like im in an army or something. The imagination helps keep it interesting.

The place where we stayed was better than before. I had a chance after lunch to take some pictures around campus. Specifically the farms.The had expanded it with new houses and created a new pond for the grass fish they raise.

Asian Scarecrow

The New Fish Pond

I have yet to figure out how to put gallery’s without including all the photos yet. Sorry :S.

After lunch we were going into town for a trip to the supermarket. We had to walk for a while to reach the main road where our bus was so I got take some nice photos of the surrounding area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Makes you wanna jump into it doesn’t it? No, don’t do that, it’s basically edible swamp.

We bought lots of unpershiable food. They also had a toy section, with this odd scooter. We ate most of the chips on the bus trip home.

This is the point in the day that my phone was running low on battery. Like in Hong Kong I would soon have to resort to note taking. Man, I wished I had turned off my phone overnight.

It was time for the gay yoga again. This time however I was inclined by a girl I met named Jessica to do the whole thing. Her mom was the teacher. Jessica had a very cute personality.

We then had a chapel sessions where we sang to the old people who lived at the estate/compound. We also gave them gifts and tried in general to brighten up their day.

A tour through the garden was next. They had left a fruit tree untouched on purpose to allow us city folk to try our hand at picking them. There was also an old-fashioned water pump.

It was also time to feed the grass fish

At this point my camera was running dangerously low on memory. I had backed up everything before the trip, but hadn’t cleared the memory card.

It was time for dinner! The meals always feel hearty and natural.

We then had another chapel sessions. We were awarded cup noodles for winning yesterdays competition. Then we had a short meeting to plan our play that we must perform the next day. After practicing a few times, we begun a bit of a church census. I’ll spare you the details.

The rest of the evening was showering and even more time spent playing Wolverine. New cards were introduced this time. My favorite is the one that screams “I’m Crazy” upon death and remains alive throughout the game, but unable to vote.


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