Last Friday of September: A Studio in a Room

Most of the school today was spent at another school’s college fair. It felt a bit hobo; that’s the best way I can describe it. The amount of choices was dizzying to say the least. Thankfully I had two very specific places in mind. California or Massachusetts. Most of the college representatives were really good speakers and were friendly as well.

Recently I’ve been making use of the book room more. It gives that needed solitude for thoughtful thinking and restful resting. I’ve been sleeping there for the past week and today thought it would make a perfect recording studio. My setup:

Studio Setup (Cheap)

My own personal home studio


I wanted to hear how i sounded singing the songs I had learned this month. Abysmal.





Westin: My Family’s Sunday Tradition

Ever since my mom got her Westin Membership a few years back it has been a tradition. Every few months we pick a Sunday (any Sunday will do) to kick back at the pool, eat at a buffet and sleep in over-cushioned bed. All the while spending time the family, which is ever decreasing.

westin logo

I always thought that the Westin would be one of those quietly ignored hotels. The ones that lay a bit out-of-the-way of civilization. The ones the fancy rich families go to and the over-curious tourist. Continue reading

Almost been a month: The Fourth Week of School


Today I was able to finish two of my goals for this month. A beautifully written book called “The Book Thief” and another equally beautiful game called Bastion. I’m going to write individual articles for both, culminating my experiences. Both where simply amazing. Today was the day we also received our first test of the year. Toke them awhile didn’t it? Some minor hiccups along the way but it was manageable. We were also briefed on how difficult A/s Level English was going to be, which made some people quit on the spot. Despite this, he said that the Jargon of English where simply complex words for simple things. The real problem, is remembering them. Continue reading

Full Steam Ahead! The Third Week of School


Joel and I went to our favorite clothing store: Pull and Bear. It’s the type of store that holds a careful balance between quality and affordability. It’s the type of store where shirts go to 39 Mop (5usd), and once word gets out all my classmates flock in. I spent my birthday money to help equip myself for the harsh winter months ahead. A trench-like jacket, a sweater and another hoodie to add to my ever-growing collection. (I have a thing for hoodies in all shapes and forms). Continue reading

My Bungee Jump

Inspirational Picture - Macau Tower

Inspirational Picture on the top off Macau Tower

Over Summer I have become more adventurous and outgoing and thanks to Lesley Carter of Bucket List Productions I made my own bucket list as well! So for my birthday I sky jumped 233 meters of Macau Tower; The Tallest Bungee Jump in the World! One check for the bucket list!

Sky Jump

Me getting harnessed up for the jump. I felt like a paratrooper.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was the professionalism of all the people who worked there or maybe it was because Sky Jump is relatively slow. Everyone there was really nice and calm so it helped break the tension. The scariest moment was before I jumped and I was getting held of the edge. My brother toke a video of me jumping.

It was an exhilarating 20 seconds. I felt weightless. My first few seconds were just pure screaming. I couldn’t believe the feeling. Felt Euphoric.

Afterwards you are given a certificate showing I jumped and stats about that day’s weather.

It was 23 °C and wind speed was 25kmph. They also had photos and videos taken professionally that cost 800 MOP (100USD)! I felt silly for living here all this time and not taking advantage of what Macau has to offer. Next time, bungee jump!

The 2nd Week of School

The events of this week in no particular order.

It was photo day and no one knew about it. I was unfortunate enough to be in me P.E uniform and had to borrow someone’s shirt. Meh

Schools starting to get busy. Two asian teachers did in a several hours over a weekend what one couldn’t in the entire summer. A coherent, problem free schedule.Unfortunately that puts a stop to the movies and ques the end of the good life. Sh*t just got real.

Continue reading