Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 3 (Day 51)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 3

The third day started poorly with us horrendously late for breakfast. The first time my father tried to wake us up I thought it was a dream! At least breakfast was improved today. They had brought in bread and coffee! Having grown up in America it was much easier for me to digest.

We then going on a tour on a river known us the “Plom.”

Our Boat and home for about 3 hours

On the boat we sang and most of the groups performed their plays. We were cut short so our group and another would perform later.

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We then were off to have lunch. The place where we ate was half museum half restaurant. We had a lovely soup known as “Chicken Bone Grass Soap” and some slightly spicy apple vinegar cider. My mom also received a text from Macau about the Ipad competition.

A place where you eat dogs 😦

Beautiful Chinese Painting

Well Hello There

Barbed Wire..asian style

When we finally arrived back at the estate it was time to fish out the grass fish! It was on my way to my room that I discovered this.

Don’t let the fat kid sit on your bike -,-

They have a unique method of dragging the net the entire length of the pond to catch the fist. Theres no escape!

A joyful woman, holding the biggest catch of the day

What happened next really slowed down the day. A stark contrast to the excitement of mass fishing. It was time for a lecture. A two lecture by the oldest and most uninteresting pastor there. Joy. It was the longest one of them all, and is, I would say, the down-point in the trip.

After a quick wash in the FACE I went to play basketball with some of the other teenagers in the trip. It was just my luck, I was paired with the “large” kid and Annie. We lost. Badly. It was a very chill afternoon, filled with biking (I learnt how to stand on the bike while riding!) and ice cream. Got to watch a beautiful sunset.

For dinner we had the freshly caught fish. It was made into soap, fish balls and just plain fish meat. After dinner we practiced our play for a bit then performed. I was an angry Idol seller wanted to kill a preacher because he was taking away my business. After chapel we had another meeting and for some reason I was involved in all these things I hadn’t signed up for -,-!

The night ended as all the other nights. We played wolverine. This time there was a new rule where you could pretend to be a killer while being something else. After this rule was introduced I imminently tried it out. My ruse if you will. I was shot on sight. The killers where smart enough to lift their cards and demand that I lift mine. Whoopsie.

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